Maramos are a two, three-or-more-piece band comprising accordion, guitar, violin and clarinet. We double up on the instruments.... Our music comes from Eastern Europe - the Balkans, Greece, Jewish traditions, and is a lively mix of haunting melodies, wild rhythms and hypnotic grooves.

Maramos can perform at your event, whether a wedding, party, barmitzvah, or any other celebration. We are happy to play outside, and can perform amplified or acoustically.



“I'm sorry it's taken me a while to get round to writing to you to say THANK YOU so much for playing at our wedding. It really was as magical as I had imagined.  You guys were just brilliant!!  You all looked amazing as well!!!  Also thank you so much for letting my little cousin Lennie feel and listen to the double bass!!
It was pouring with rain that morning so I was wondering how it would pan out but it was such a glorious summers day and I just can't emphasize enough how awesome it was having you guys play.  The style of music is right up my street.  So many people commented on how much they loved you guys.  You went very well with Pimms!!!” - Frances.

“Tim, Have received a lot of positive feedback in regard to the entertainment. We raised a substantial sum earmarked for the Village Hall. Thanks to you all for your musical contribution and will put the word around as and when further events are planned. Regards, David.”







Dark Eyes

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